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 B course  
   I took B course. B course bus takes Jayuro so I could enjoy beautiful view all the way to Imjingak and other destinations. Particulary I love the view around Odusan ..
Connie 2017.10.22
 E.G. shuttle 班車真棒  
我和我的朋友第一次坐車 EG shuttle 班車。剛開始的時候我們什麼 都不知道。可是導遊給我們講講以後都明白了。這班車內的導遊很親切。普羅旺斯村莊很漂亮的地方。這裡是“來自星星的你”的拍攝地。以後有機會你們來..
好朋友 2017.10.21
 Thank you Korea ~  
This was the frist tume to trip on a shuttle bus. I didn't expected it's nice tour ~For me B course was good itselt. I bet you're almost never disappointed!!
Diane 2017.10.20
 It was awesome !!  
I went to B course. The weather was so perfect to take a trip. But It was hard to believe that there is North Korea beyond the river. It was ery spcecial experience and for me, I've a good impr..
Laura 2017.10.20
第一次來韓國用EG巴士我覺得巴士旅行沒有意思,但這覺得錯了。巴士旅行很方便我自己做日程最好是沒有強制購物。再次訪問的話就申請別的路線。( ⁎ᵕᴗᵕ⁎ )  
7567951 2017.10.18
 It was soooo exciting:)  
I went to B was really beautiful and exciting!weather also good, the tour conductor also very nice.EG shuttle left a really good memory for me. 
dandan 2017.09.18